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What is Dragon & Tiger Qigong?

It is Medical Qigong, from the Shaolin Temple

Dragon & Tiger Qigong is one of the most important things that helped me heal from burnout.  It is a 1,500 year old set of exercises that come from the Shaolin Temple where it was only taught to the high clergy. The Chinese government has classified it as a form of Medical Qigong because of its strong healing effects. Dragon & Tiger was taught extensively in hospitals in China to help people recover from chronic illnesses.  It is one of two forms of qigong widely taught to cancer patients.

It Breaks up and releases Stagnant Energy

While practicing Dragon & Tiger will increase the flow of energy in the body, the thing that is most powerful about it is that it helps to break up and release ‘stagnant energy.’

In Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]  stagnant energy is like sludge or residue that is left in the body from stress, negative emotions, and trauma.   Stagnant energy will gum things up – clogging the nerves and reducing the flow of energy (qi) and blood.  This can limit or prevent the body from working properly or healing itself.

It is a “Meridian Line” type of  qigong

Dragon & Tiger is done by moving the hands along specific pathways in the body with the hands at least 4 inches or more from the skin. Many of these pathway are, or include, sections of acupuncture meridians. These meridians are the energetic equivalent of the wiring of the body. Moving the hands helps clear blockages in the pathways, and will gently encourage the flow of energy. While this set only has seven movements, it works all of the major acupuncture meridians in the body and one of the extraordinary meridians – the Dai Mai – 帶脈 .  Doing one full  set only takes about 10~14 minutes. There are other systems that do more, but they usually include dozens of movements – that can make them a challenge to learn, remember, and practice.

One goal is effortless motion.

The set includes specific ways of moving – you learn to move with the least effort while being as relaxed as possible.  As you learn to move like this, you will begin to find and release hidden tension in the body, which gently increases the circulation of energy, blood, and lymph. The improved circulation allows the natural mechanisms of the body to work more effectively at nourishing, cleaning, healing the body.

Its about Strengthening the Weakest Link

The form is low impact – you do not need to be strong or flexible or have great ranges of motion.  The basic idea is to “strengthen the weakest link.”   Ideally you do the set standing up, and it can also be done sitting in a chair, or lying in a bed.

Dragon & Tiger is it is beginner friendly, it is very forgiving.  If you are not precise or accurate in doing the movements, you will still get benefits. The effects will grow stronger as you learn and improve.

I’ve personally learned at least 16 qigong sets. Dragon & Tiger is the one that helped me recover from burnout, and smooths my emotions the quickest. That is why it is the core of my Qigong for Burnout course.

Interested in finding out more? I’m happy to answer questions. Here is a link to my currently scheduled courses.

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