Maintain Peak Performance
With 7 Simple Movements

I teach high performers an ancient system of movement that helps them avoid, or recover from, burnout

Maintain a continuous level of peak performance

Tackle and solve problems, and still have energy for life.

Produce at a level that you expect from yourself

How To Get Relief From Burnout

Click the link below to sign up for a class. There is a short questionnaire to let me know about any relevant physical challenges you have.

At a time that works for you, watch the movement video that demonstrates some of the movements.

Select a weekly guided class to begin your journey towards
 ending burnout.

Experience The Benefits Of Movement

When you have learned the 7 moves of Dragon & Tiger qigong, you will have a powerful tool for smoothing out your emotional experiences. If an event happens in your day that would normally cause stress or anxiety, you will be able to work through that problem calmly. Over time, these seven movements do profound things for your health, including your ability to have restful sleep.

You will feel empowered over your emotions and stress level. This will give you more agency in your life, and the ability to make choices rather than being at the affect of fate. You will have a reserve tank of energy and a back-up battery rather than experiencing profound exhaustion.

As you learn to incorporate these movements into your daily routine, you will experience a smoother day. Problems won’t stop coming at you, but you will be better able to handle them.

Being able to return to the level of high performance that you want for yourself, your company, or your team, will allow you to lead from a position of strength. You will look better, feel better, all to the benefit of your colleagues, family, and those who count on your contribution.

George Sawyer - Ending Burnout

Stop the cycle of working yourself to the burnout state.

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