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My Journey

How I found These 7 Movements

You are a high performer, and love the challenge that work brings. You scoff at recommendations that you slow down or take a break. Your work is your identity.

In spite of all that, you may have felt something start to falter. You aren’t performing at the rate you expect from yourself. Stress is distracting you, and you might even wonder if there is something wrong with your health.

I have been there, I’ve got the t-shirt, got the scars!

Throughout the past two decades I have been a globe trotting high performing sales manager in the tech industry. Over time, I began to sense that I was slowing down, that I was swimming through molasses towards my goals. I ignored the cautions and warnings from my colleagues and family.

As I sensed myself slowing down, I actually wondered if I was just lazy! I did not know then what I know now, that I was burned out. Burnout is a real thing, and has its own medical classification. Burnout is a health condition that results in changes to the function of the brain and response mechanisms. It can take years to build up, and years to recover from.

I tried everything to heal from burnout, and to get back to my previously high performing self, but nothing brought me relief. My search for a solution led me to an ancient series of movements called Dragon & Tiger Qigong. These movements, practiced regularly, allow the brain and body to release stagnant energy that has accumulated due to the unrelenting schedule of a high performing individual.

I used these movements to heal myself from burnout, which allowed me to return to my high performing self, and also be present for others in my life. Because I have taken this journey, and understand the inner drive for a high performer to keep going, I see the value in teaching this method to you. I want you to experience the benefits of being able to reach for, and accomplish, your goals.

George Sawyer - Ending Burnout - movements
George Sawyer - Ending Burnout - movements2

Major Accounts

Oracle  HP  Sony  Intellectual Ventures  Agilent  Intel  Applied Materials  Amazon  Microsoft  EBay  Xerox  Toyota  Honda


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Me

I’m a builder.  I’ve built organizations, practices, pipelines, processes, and products.

I’ve worked in sales, marketing, and product development. I’ve worked in product companies and in service providers; in startups and in Fortune 1000 & 500 companies.

I was instrumental in building one of the world’s largest service groups in its industry.

I’ve built other things too: establishing international sales channels across Asia / Latin America; building and running an R&D organization in Japan whose software products drove sales worldwide. Helped create two joint-venture companies with Fortune 500 Japanese firms. I’ve written my share of code and done my share of debugging.

I’m very interested in the world of distilled spirits – whiskey, bourbon, rye, shochu. I make beer that ages like whiskey – improving for up to 12 years – and I’m interested in going even further.

I was one of the five founders of the MIT Blackjack Team, whose fictionalized exploits are enumerated in the book “Bringing Down the House” and the Hollywood movie “21”.

George Sawyer - Ending Burnout

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